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4-9-2013 12-57-16 PM


ScreenwritingStandard.com is quickly establishing itself as the premiere site on all things screeenwriting.  If we feature your content, it will be seen by A LOT of people in the industry.  We are very picky about what goes out to our “community”, but we will give ANYONE a chance.

If it’s good, we’ll pay you.  We strive to publish every piece of great content we receive.

If you are a passionate, creative person who has something insightful to offer then ScreenwritingStandard.com is a one-stop-shop of awesomeness.


1.  People (meaning you) come up with ideas for articles.

2.  You write up the idea into a pitch, or a detailed summary of what you’re going to write about. We do NOT want the entire article.  Send submissions to : editor@Screenwrtingstandard.com

3.  The editors meet and go over the pitches we decided were worth considering that week (typically on a Friday morning and Monday afternoon).  If we like yours, we’ll get back to you and ask you to go ahead and write it. Those pitches are moved to the “Accepted” pile.

4.  You’ve got two weeks to write the article. If you need an extension, just ask. After that, we editing people look it over and make sure it’s what we had in mind.  We may leave it as-is, add a line or two, or we may rewrite 75% of it. That’s our job. Don’t be offended.

5.  Pay. Meaning, we pay you $15 per article starting out. Once you hit your fifth article, it goes up to $30.  There is also a traffic bonus program that pays an extra $100 if your article finishes in the top 10 for the month in traffic. You’ll get your money 3-10 days after turning in the article. We pay via Paypal.

6. Expect to see the finished article on the front page in about a month. If it takes your article longer to run, please don’t think that means we hate it. Often we’re trying to find the perfect spot for it.


The article must be useful content.  This is what has made ScreenwritingStandard.com successful. People get a little, heroin-like high from learning something new.  So what do you know?  Story structure?  The movie business?  Screenplay Coverage?  Character Development?  Coverage?  Treatments? Formatting? etc….

Most of our articles come in one of three formats:

1. The list-style. (9 Ways To Make Your Second Act Not Suck).  If you’re doing the kind of list article ScreenwritingStandard.com is famous for, you need to briefly summarize each item on the list, provide sources and quotes from sources that back your summaries up, and pick ONE entry and write it up in full.  The minimum number of list items for editorial to look at your pitch is SIX, but if you have fewer than that, that’s fine. Just don’t expect editorial to look at it until you have the full six.

Why we like lists: It’s a format we adopted because people seem to like them a lot and traffic exploded after we switched to it. Plus, it seems to also be extremely helpful to new writers, because 99% of their problem lies in focusing all the ideas they have running around in their heads.  The list format was just a neat little framework that helps you stay on-point.  “Here’s what I’m saying in the article, here’s a list of points/examples that back me up.  1, 2, 3…”

2. The long form.  (What I’ve Learned About Screenwritng With No Pants On).  In this style, simply send us a brief synopsis of the article you are pitching.

3. Observation-based. (“6 things screenwriters apparently believe about smart people”) You wouldn’t need sources for that example. The same holds true if you’re pointing out inconsistencies in some movie. But as soon as you make an outside factual claim, you’ll need to source it.

When you cite a source, all you have to do is give us a link to the source, and copy and paste the relevant part that backs up your point (so we know you didn’t just misread it). Again, it’s not terribly complicated.


1. “Can I promote the article to my Facebook page, Twitter, Blog, List, etc….?”
Duh.  We hope you do as it’s a win/win for both of use. *See the traffic bonus $$$

2.  “Can I include a link to my own website/blog at the end of my article?”
Absolutely!  If you have a personal site you want to promote, you’d be stupid not to.  Just write that in as part of your draft. But keep it concise, we don’t have room for your life story down there. One or two links and a short blurb is all you get.

3. “Is there a limit to the number of articles I can submit?”
No.  We accept all strong, valuable content.  Our goal is to get our readers to the next step in their screenwriting career.

4.  Do you pay by check or money order?
No.  We only pay via PayPal.  If you don’t have a paypal account, you can get one at www.PayPal.com