If this whole screenwriting things sounds way too hard, let’s start with the basics.

There are many things to know about becoming a screenwriter:  story, structure, formatting, coverage, dialogue, WGA, etc…and yet so many people they believe that they can just pick it right up without learning anything.  So, Screenwriting Standard’s Senior Editor & Founder Paul Marz put together a quick 4-part tutorial that lays out the basics in plain English.

Remember, great stories drive movies, and audiences are looking to be entertained, not wowed by how clever and “artsy” you can be.

The screenwriters who have the most success in this business understand, not only what makes up a great script, but who their ultimate customer is:  The audience!

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1.  How To Decide What To Write: Movie Ideas In Your Head 

This is post will cover the first step of taking whatever your idea is and getting it down on paper.   You’ll learn how to identify what would work and how to get those thoughts down in a way that will actually fit within your writing.

2.  Screenplay format – The Easiest Way To Get It Right

This is one of the easiest steps in the process and also the one that most think isn’t important.  If you want to be taken seriously in Hollywood, you must understand the screenplay format.

3.  5 Ways To Write A Script Scene Like You’re Trying Your Shoelaces

Writing scenes is the concrete foundation of your script and if you spend you time on nothing else, having a superman-like grasp on this is a must.

4. How To Write Script Dialogue in 4 Easy Steps

Unless you are writing a sequel to The Artist your characters are probably going to talk.   If you don’t feel that’s important than just skip this post.