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That’s right, I said it.  In addition, we are incredibly responsive to your request and value your questions.  They are an indication of taking interest in furthering your screenwriting career.  Asking questions relates to better information, communication and what is important to you.

What You Get When Asking Your Question

  • Less than a 24-hour response to your question
  • Thoroughness and expertise of my extensive experience working from within the Hollywood system
  • Recommendations and guidance on everything I know to get you the information you deserve to know

Screenplay Coverage for those of you that have a script that needs true feedback.  I’m not talking about your brothers, friends, mother’s hairdresser who knew someone in Hollywood.  I’m talking about analysts that have been working in the system and KNOWS what sells

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Our Hollywood office is located in San Fernando Valley, north of downtown.  We are just miles from Warner Bros. Universal Studios & Disney.

If you think you have what it takes to writer for us, head on over here.


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