Can Any Screenwriting Software Really Make Your Script Better?

By on July 26, 2013

 Have you ever looked back at a screenplay of a classic film and truly marveled at the typesetting? Yes, you read that correctly…the typesetting. It is almost mindboggling that the complex components of a screenplay were performed on a manual typewriter. Then again, in the days before screenwriter software, professional typists would work on behalf of the screenwriter to ensure the entire manuscript is perfect. Studios often had entire staffs of typists on duty and these professionals cleaned up the format of the screenplays until they were perfect.

Would be screenwriters could hire their own typists at a huge cost. There is a much better and more reliable option to follow: purchasing professional screenwriter software. As the name would imply, such screenwriter software is used to properly write, edit, format, and revise a screenplay so that it delivers the proper professional appearance.

And as much as would be (and long time professional) screenwriters would wish otherwise, the fact remains a screenplay must be perfect in terms of formatting. If it isn’t then the manuscript is of no value.

Screenplays are more than just the narrative of the film. They are also a blueprint for the production of the film. That means the producer, production manager, lighting director, etc all need to pick up the screenplay and easily follow along with the world it is presenting. Professional screenwriter software can deliver on this end result. After all, that is what screenwriter software is intended to do.

That means the format of the screenplay must be perfect in order for results such as this to be attained. There is no way around this! Screenwriter software can help you craft the proper format.

Using standard computer word processing software simply will not work though. Professional screenwriter software needs to be employed. The common word processing programs you use on your PC or laptop where never intended to handle all the many formatting aspects that a screenplay must embody in order to effectively present its layout. In short, there is too much of a margin for making errors when you use word processing software instead of screenwriter software to create a screenplay. Those errors can sink the look of a screenplay and that is definitely not what anyone would wish to present to anyone reading the finished product.

Editing can also be an enormous chore when you have created a screenplay on traditional word processing software. You will generally need to read, reread, edit, and retype the software constantly in order to complete a decent finished product. Professional screenwriter software would eradicate all these additional steps and that would be a very good thing. All the time invested in such editing and rewriting would be far better served delivering much more effective pursuits.

Remember, an unprofessional screenplay makes a very bad impression and you would never want that. Rather, you want to give the impression you are a pro and quality screenwriter software can help deliver in this regard. As such, consider screenwriter software a must have if you are really serious about being a screenwriter.



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  1. Chaital Patel

    August 16, 2013 at 1:05 am

    It’s basically impossible to writer screenplays without good software. IMHO, you need Final Draft